Cool Toned Lipsticks

Cool toned lip colors like blue based reds make teeth appear whiter. I was reading an article a few weeks ago and learned that whitening treatments can be too harsh for those of us with weak tooth enamel. I found a similar article here, if you are curious about the facts. So I find that I’ve been too worried to try any out. Of course I could consult my dentist about it, but its much easier and more fun to just try the old lipstick trick. I’m not much for red lips, being the conservative woman that I am, so I tend to go for deeper plum shades that still fall into the cool toned category. As a bonus these shades are often very flattering for women of color. In regular “Shop Your Stash Sunday” form, I’ll give you an easy plum shade to remember, that of course, I already own: Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip Color in Plum Perfect ($7.79 @ I love this line of lipsticks. It is very comfortable for me to wear and doesn’t chap my lips, which nearly every lip product I try does. For those of you who do love a red lip, an example of a blue based red would be Wet N Wild’s 911D Stoplight Red ($1.99 @ See Swatches of both colors below. For color reference I am stuck somewhere between Mac NC45 and NC50 and Sephora’s new color IQ tool says I’m a 3Y12.

wet n wild megalast Stoplight Red swatch and maybelline color sensational Plum Perfect swatch woc

What’s your favorite teeth whitening lipstick?

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