Coastal Scents Hot Pots Review

Hot Pots from Coastal Scents are nothing new, just new to me.  During one of their popular hot pot sales last year, I placed my first order.  The retail price per eyeshadow is $1.95, but during the sale they are typically 99 cents.  I was actually pretty pleased with the quality and I’ve placed two more orders since then to try out more shades.  The company has over 300 hot pots.  I’ve only tried a total of 45, so my knowledge and experience is limited to those particular colors.  Most that I have tried has been nicely pigmented and easy to work with.

For swatches, you can check out my swatch posts here, here, and here.

Coastal Scents Hot Pots Review

Review update: November 22, 2016

I enjoy the matte shadows the most.  Overall, they blend well for me despite kicking up a small amount of excess powder.  I’m in the habit of tapping off my brushes before application, so it never causes an issue.  Petal peach and wild raisin are messier than the others I’ve tried.

The shades that I’ve tried and have swatches for:
Chamois Nude (swatch)
Oatmeal Tan (swatch)
Petal Peach (swatch)
Coconut Husk (swatch)
Barista (swatch)
Chocolatier (swatch)
Burnt Umber (swatch)
Oktoberfest (swatch)
Wild Raisin (swatch) –
Maroon Berry (swatch) – feels dry and gritty, but has no issues when used with a brush on the eyes
Harvest Brown (swatch)
Deep Roast (swatch)
Light Taupe (swatch)
Fine Wine (swatch)
Incognito (swatch)
Tuscany (swatch)
Pumpkin Pie (swatch)

The shades listed as satin finishes are not consistent in finish.  For example, root beer and peach feel like shimmers and violetta performs and looks like a matte.  Other satin shades like vintage burgundy and redstone have a slight sheen to them.  Antique maroon had alot of fallout in my experience.  Basically make sure you do your research and read reviews carefully on the satin shades.  To me a satin has less shine to it than a shimmer finish.  To me shimmers are almost going toward a more metallic look.  Hopefully that helps explain what I’m trying to say.  All brands can have inconsistencies in finish, so don’t let this discourage you, I just want you to be aware.

The shades that I’ve tried and have swatches for:
Root Beer (swatch) – has more of a shimmer finish
Redstone (swatch)
Earth Rose (swatch)
Vintage Burgundy (swatch)
Violetta (swatch) – performs like a matte
Canyon Coral (swatch) – has more of a shimmer finish
Antique Maroon (swatch)
Spiceberry (swatch)
Cinnamon Stone (swatch)
Tuscan Terra Cotta (swatch)
Mauve (swatch) – has small mica particles in it, but performs more like a matte shade than a satin
Peach (swatch) – has a slight gold shift to it

I like to use the shimmer shades with my fingers to improve color payoff and minimize the fallout I experienced.  I think the color payoff issue has more to do with my skin tone than the eyeshadows themselves.  In most cases they are much more pigmented in swatches than when I applied them to my eyes.  I prefer to use brushes, but I enjoy some of the colors enough to suck it up and use my fingers.

The shades I have tried and have swatches for:
Amaretto (swatch)
Amber Bronze (swatch)
Golden Sienna (swatch)
Rich Walnut (swatch)
Boca Mocha (swatch)
Deep Merlot (swatch)
Chocolate Berry (swatch) – seems more like a satin to me
New Penny (swatch)

Other shades I’ve tried, but have no swatches for:
Rainstorm (weak pigment)
Dark Golden Olive (beautiful color, good pigment, easy to work with, but not suited to my taste)
Peachy Copper (don’t remember the issue with this one)
Flesh tone (good pigment, easy to work with, but not suited to my taste)
Sundried (too similar to canyon coral on my skin tone and wasn’t as good as canyon coral)
Caramelized (too similar to new penny and chai spice once applied)
Chai Spice (too similar to new penny and caramelized once applied)
Raisin Berry (don’t remember the issue with this one)

While I do think that these are decent eyeshadows, $1.95 can add up quickly if you’re not careful.  You also have to keep in mind that you need a storage case for them which is an additional cost if you don’t have something.  I actually prefer the palettes that coastal scents sells over the free form z-palettes, so that is what I got.  They will also wedge into mac pro palettes with the insert, but I’d put a magnet on the back for a little extra insurance.  If you order 12 at full price and a palette to store them in, you’d pay about $30 before even considering shipping.  This is an affordable option for customizing a palette, but only if you end up liking and using all 12 that you ordered.  That is the problem with this type of company, you are taking a gamble on the colors and finishes being what you expect.  So if you are adventurous and like variety in your eyeshadows, I’d say go ahead and give them a  try.  If you are very particular, I’d opt for buying from a store where you can see the products first.

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**Disclaimer:  I purchased all products featured with my own money.  Any links provided are for information only.  For the full disclosure policy click here.

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