The Standout: MAC Sly Girl Dupe

The Standout is a new series I decided to start where I will narrow in on the standout shade in a palette and give an alternative to get the same feeling.  Of course, this will be based on my personal opinion and taste, so you may not always agree with what I consider to be the standout shade.  The alternatives I suggest will not always be exact dupes, but reminiscent of the shade.  I’ve learned over the years that some shades give you a similar feeling or look once they are applied on your face.

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow Fathoms Deep swatched on dark skin

Today,  I’ll be talking about the shade Sly Girl from the new MAC Basic Bitch Palette.  I often use Temptalia’s dupe system at times when I don’t own a palette or don’t want every color but want just one particular shade.  That is what happened with this standout shade.  I don’t like how the palette is laid out and after debating the purchase I realized that I just wanted that one shade.  After consulting Temptalia’s dupes, I decided to purchase a single eyeshadow from MAC called Fathoms Deep.  Since I decided to pick up this one shade instead of the palette, I don’t have pictures of the palette.  If you want to see the palette and my take on the standout color, please consider clicking on the Temptalia links I’ve provided above.  Clicking on her links will ensure that she gets some credit for helping me out.  I do not benefit at all from linking you to her site, my only aim is to give credit where credit is due.

The MAC Palette retails for $39.50 and the single eyeshadow retails for $20.00.   As I’ve mentioned before, Belk and Macy’s often have beauty sales.  Fairly often on the Belk website I’ve seen a 15% off beauty coupon that would bring the shadow down to $17.00.

A good tip I can give you on finding an alternative shade or dupe is to resist the urge to compare the shades directly.  If the shade you want to purchase or use reminds you of the look you’re going for, let that be good enough.  If you can’t pass up the temptation to do this, I’d strongly suggest that you compare them by actually wearing them rather than swatching them next to each other.  If you directly compare them in a swatch, they rarely look the same.

**Disclaimer:  I purchased all products featured with my own money. This blog does participate in Google Adsense.  For the full disclosure policy click here. 

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