Chanel Gris Anthracite vs MAC Knight Divine

When I started this comparison, my goal was to write a buy this, not that post.  However, as I tested these two shadows I discovered that they each have enough nuance that I truly like them both for different reasons.  I want to be clear that these observations are based on the application which appears somewhat different than the swatches.  Also, the photos of the actual eyeshadows do not do these shades justice. I’d really recommend seeing them in person if you can.

 Chanel gris anthracite vs MAC knight divine review and swatch conparison

Chanel gris anthracite is a smokier tone than knight divine, but the multidimensional shimmer running through it keeps it from looking too dark and heavy.  Despite that complex shimmer present in the Chanel shadow, MAC knight divine somehow brightens my eyes more.  Knight Divine is also less shimmery if that is something you prefer in an eyeshadow.  They are both shimmery, but the extra dimension within the Chanel shadow helps reflect more light and makes it appear more shimmery in my opinion.  Chanel gris anthracite does have a little bit of fallout during application, but I didn’t find it troublesome to brush away.

For those that prefer a Buy this, not that take on shades as similar as these, I will give you that answer.  You may as well save some money and get MAC knight divine.  Going that route will save you $14 on the single compact eyeshadow or $23 on the single pro refill pan (if you have a way to store single eyeshadows).  Basically, if I wore Chanel gris anthracite on the eyes a week ago, and then today I put on MAC Knight Divine, I would swear they were dupes.  My initial reaction is always that MAC Knight Divine reminds me of Chanel gris anthracite and vice versa, and for a lot of people that is good enough.  Once you start really comparing them and nitpicking a little you will definitely be able to find the difference and possibly the want for both.

I typically don’t like to put shades side by side because it always emphasizes differences that don’t necessarily translate on the eyes.  However, in this instance, I wanted to show you the two next to each other to help showcase what I am talking about when I say that Chanel gris anthracite is a smokier tone.

Chanel gris anthracite vs MAC knight divine review and swatch conparison

Lastly, I will say that the Chanel is so beautiful and well formulated, that I do not think you will be disappointed should you decided to splurge for that one instead.  If you just want to give Chanel a try or happen to prefer options in the luxury category, I think you will be more than happy with this eyeshadow.  Assuming of course that you enjoy colors like this.

**Disclaimer:  I purchased all products featured with my own money.  For the full disclosure policy click here.  

2 Replies to “Chanel Gris Anthracite vs MAC Knight Divine”

  1. Hi, Would you consider wearing the makeup on your face. We are the same color tone and I would have a much better idea if I would wear these colors. I appreciate when you wear the lipsticks, then I can see if I would purchase it. Thanks.


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