MAC Art Library Flame-Boyant Palette

Mac recently released three new palettes as part of their Art Library Collection and I purchased the warm version called Flame-Boyant.  These are just some quick finger swatches to show you what the palette colors are like.

MAC Art Library Flame-boyant swatches on dark skin

I’ve only played around with this palette a little so far but it seems to me that these have a softer press than the single shadows that I have from MAC.  The shade flame-boyant (3rd row, 2nd shade) has fallout when used regardless of whether I apply it with a brush or a finger.  I do not ever wet my brush, so I can’t speak on whether that would improve the fallout during application.  La vita mocha (1st row, 4th shade) also has a small amount of fallout during application, but it makes a nice smokier tone without being too heavy.  I have slightly hooded eyes and find that if I go to dark on the lid it makes my hood appear heavier, which I didn’t experience with this shade.  Dali wood (2nd row, 3rd shade) is very pigmented, so I’d be careful not to pick up too much product initially, but it does blend easily.  The shade embark (2nd row, 4th shade) definitely has a softer press in this palette than the single refill pan that I already had.

MAC Art Library Flame-boyant palett

I like to feature Mac Cosmetics because it is one of my favorites brands and I feel like it is getting harder to find swatches of their products on people similar to my skin tone.  If you are on Instagram and are a MAC Cosmetics lover, I encourage you to check out #macmonday if you haven’t already.

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**Disclaimer:  I purchased all products featured with my own money.  For the full disclosure policy click here. 

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